Nick MacKenzie

Web Developer

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solving problems.

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ReactJS | NodeJS | Mongo-DB


A Full Stack App using MongoDB for the database and ReactJS with ChakaraUI as a front-end. This app allows users to 'like' or 'dislike' name suggestions and match with your partner.

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ReactJS | Mongo-DB | NodeJs | JWT-Authentication


A Full Stack React app and MongoDB. It utilizes the PrimeReact library for the UI. It Helps organize working cooks with a global prep lists that sets the right amount of 'par-lev' according to the day.

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HTML | CSS | JavaScript

Don't Fall Off The Water Fall!

A hangman game made with pure JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

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Django | Python | MySQL | JavaScript

Trivia Night

A 'live' multiplayer trivia game with live leader boards. Utilizes Django, OpenTDB API and a MySQL database.

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NodeJS | ExpressJS | MongoDB | Google Authentication API | EJS Templates


A NodeJs App using Google Authentication. It allows users to save their code 'snippets' to a cloud database. Supports over 15+ languages with automatic syntax highlighting.

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